Hi, my name is Daniel Wroclawski.

I am currently an Associate Multimedia Content Creator with Consumer Reports. I cover smart home for CR, as well as a handful of other home appliance beats, and have been helping the organization build out its ratings of smart home products.

Prior to joining CR, I was a Managing Editor of News & Features with Reviewed, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. I managed Reviewed’s blog on USA TODAY, as well as distribution of product reviews, news, and features throughout the Network’s 100+ outlets. In addition, I led Reviewed’s new and growing smart home technology vertical,  where I commissioned smart home reviews and features from staff writers and freelancers, as well as contributed my own reviews and news pieces.

Before I got my start at Reviewed, I completed my Master of Science in Journalism at Columbia Journalism School. I also earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism at Boston University and interned in New York City for Hemispheres Magazine, the in-flight travel magazine of United Airlines.

While writing is my passion, I have other pursuits. I love photography—although I would consider myself an amateur—skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, traveling, and flying airplanes (I’m a private pilot).

Hope you enjoy my work!


Multimedia Tech Journalist